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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Read the City's position on A&E Show "First 48" and Then Weigh In

See this extensive article regarding the "reality television" show filmed last year here in Charlotte, and in several other cities across the United States.  Then please use the comments to share how you feel about the issues. 

Did Charlotte's officers know ahead of filming what they were signing up for? What about after? Did the Fraternal Order of Police have any review or input? Is this show part of the reason the CMPD liability insurance premiums were increased by 25% this year, for cause?

Does this affect the way police to their jobs, for the sake of the show?  Is there pressure for a "good show."
What about hours or 'special consultants' to the show... there are just so many questions about a contract that was apparently signed and approved by no one but Police Chief Rodney Monroe, and according to his attorney, he did it all with only one e-mail to the troops when it was done, congratulating them on a "Great Arrest" featured on an episode.  Very Strange.


Anonymous said...

there's nothing you can say anymore in monroes dept. without getting hauled off to third shift. keep your head down and wait to get out

Anonymous said...

not surprised. he runs everything this way.sign our lives away, curt and the rest claim they know nothing

Anonymous said...

video is hysterical--especially the wave and grin. did they get a show with this thing? does anyone know?