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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heat is on Chief Monroe

Four shootings in 24 hours here in Charlotte, NC -- that we know about at this time.  Several dead.  Gang units are on the scene.  It seems that Rodney Monroe's statements after the Memorial Day riots and murder explaining that our Bloods and Crips were good roommates here and got along just fine were possibly delusional?  Or should we say overly-optimistic?  Maybe it was a clownish attempt at PR to shut down the appearance of, well, the truth.

It's hard to be sure when the majority of local network media doesn't seem to hold up a strong light of accountability or do the research that would yield answers and action.  That's what I hope you will all join in doing. 

We deserve a better government, police department, justice system, and home life for ourselves and our neighbors.  Our taxes are paying for this mess.  Demand accountability and call for explanations when necessary.  If you know now of stories that need to be researched and told, please write here.  Help our good officers.  Help yourselves.

The heat is on in Charlotte, and it's on Police Chief Rodney Monroe.  As the spotlight heads his way again and he gets within range of a microphone, lets ask him how this has happened.  Four more shooting victims...


BlueforJustice said...

This was a test comment by author, but I'll use it to ask:
What areas do YOU want to write about specifically?
Police Department Functions?
Specific Crime? Funding?
Operations? Political Support?
Disconnect w/Jails & Judges & Sentencing?
What can be done pre-police intervention so there doesn't have to be intervention by officers?
Who knows of the best programs to share?
Does anyone have contact with extremely successful programs outside the area?
Is there waste?
Are there areas more money should be spent?
Does anyone have specific cases or incidents that should be cleared and;or investigated to develop the highest possilble ethical standards within the department?
Is proper training and equipment being used and distributed?
Have we fixed the airport problem?
Are we ready for DNC2012?

Okay, your turn. Can't wait.

July 24, 2011 12:59 AM

Anonymous said...

how about those phony stacked stats; or the funny as you know what, cost an arm & a leg survey; or maybe his powder puff WSOC-TV interview....

Good grief the list just goes on and know Monroe hasn't a clue he is the laughing stock of this town...

Sadly, when all is said and done, the joke is on the citizens and the dedicated officers left at CMPD