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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Citizen, Officer, what would you do if you saw this?  Report.

A 5’ 4” woman, tackled and thrown to the ground—twice.  The second time the two officers did this, “suspect” Michelle Jordan was already in handcuffs and at the police car. 

After picking Jordan’s scraped body up from the ground a second time and shoving her into the police car, the two officers shared a celebratory “fist bump.” 

The good thing is that the entire incident was caught on video from a fast food restaurant across the parking lot.  This way, nobody can lie about what happened.

The bad thing is that the commanding officer, Capt. Joseph Hitner, allegedly knew about the video tape for a week and took no steps to remove the other two officers from duty, or to report the incident to the proper chain of command.  Hitner has now been removed from commanding duty pending an investigation but has retained his rank. 

LA Police Chief Beck said Hitner was “severely deficient in his response.

No kidding.

See linked articles to NBC Los Angeles and Huffington Post for background source and more information.